We are Leaders in Sport Education


FC11 is an organisation that engages in the design of sports specific educationand the delivery of Vocational Education level opportunities for students wishing to pursue a career in sport, fitness and recreation.

We have collaborated with industry partners in order to produce and contextualise sport specific courses of study within the framework of nationally accredited qualifications, augmented and subsequently supported with further industry specific credentials and access to a full time high performance training system.

The courses have been designed in consultation with sporting industry experts to meet the demands of modern day high performance sport and its associated career opportunities. The program merges sports science, coaching methodology, high performance training, professional and academic development, mentoring by current professional athletes and business theory.

leaders in sport


Our Vision is to continue to be the global leader in innovative 
sports education and professional development



Our mission is to create a ‘best practice’ applied high performance model that embraces a holistic approach to athlete development, supported by the latest methods, processes, protocols, facilities and personnel by which our student athletes can achieve their optimal potential.

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Let FC 11 help you start your career in sport today!