High Performance Athlete Program

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This program is for dedicated individuals who want to train in a professional sporting environment with like-minded talented and ambitious sports people under the guidance of professional coaches in a comprehensive high performance athlete program.

The course is delivered over a minimum of one day per week over six months. Each student athlete has the flexibility to customise their experience and training accordingly to best design their own program whilst still being able to work, study university, college or attend FC 11 full time.

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College of Sport & Fitness RTO: 91345

Access to train out of one our high performance facilities in each of our respective locations across Australia

Access to a high performance technical and tactical training plan and match–day performance analysis program

Access to comprehensive athlete fitness profiling, programming, field and laboratory based physical assessments

Access domestic and overseas high profile coaches, players, industry experts and leaders

Access to Professional and Career Development Workshops on topics such as: Performing within a Culture of Excellence, Effective Behaviours of Elite Performers, Mindset & Performance Psychology, The Importance of Leadership, Resilience and Team Dynamics in Sport

Access to Leading Industry Coaches and Mentors with extensive and expert industry experience

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy.
I'm telling you it's going to be worth it!"

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