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Football Education with FC 11 for a career in Sport

Study with Australia's Leading Sports Education Provider in partnership with Football NSW, Northern NSW Football, Football Queensland & Football Brisbane.


The Diploma has been designed in consultation with football industry experts to meet the demands of
modern day football and its associated career opportunities. The program merges sports science, coaching methodology, high performance training, professional and academic development, mentoring by current professional players and business theory. In addition, the unique course design allows for an easy transition and transferability of the skills
canvassed into the broader sports, fitness and recreation industries. 

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FC 11 was a great learning experience on and off the field. This course has given me a lot more understanding of what jobs you can get through the industry of sport. The guest speakers we have had so far have been very interesting to see where they started and to see how they got to their current positions. 

- Nicolas Dodson




Sports Development Officer

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sports Marketing / Sports Promotions

Sports Program Design & Management

Sports Administrator

Professional or Semi-Professional Athlete

Sports Event/Competition Management

Senior or Junior Football Coach

"You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it."

- Lionel Messi