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How sleep can affect an Athlete's Performance

Our Sporting Performance can drastically plummet if we don't get our fair share of sleep - How? Why? Well, the Sleep Foundation's studies show that if we lack an adequate amount of sleep then our bodies don't repair memory, consolidate memory, and release hormones effectively.

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Athlete-Centred Coaching

An effective coach – an athlete-centred coach – provides an environment that ensures players grow continuously, with every training session and every match. In this article we will look at what an athlete-centred coaching approach is and how you can use it. We start this article with a discussion of the coaching styles that you can use and how they relate to the purpose of coaching.

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The budget for professional development and training would always be one of the first things when a company or an organization chooses to cut costs, but the truth is, this practice is counterproductive and costly. Do you ask why? Well, put in mind that professional development can help business owners and managers with attracting and retaining the top candidates, identify future leaders and ultimately boost bottom line. Investing in continuous education for workers is beneficial not just to staff members, but also to the organization as a whole. Here are rewards that you can reap from professional development.

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Top 10 Benefits of Networking

Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge and learn from the success of others.

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5 Ways an Internship can help you land your Dream Job

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5 Ways to Turn 'Selfish' into 'Selfless'

Simply trawl through an average day of social media posts and you’ll see how selfish we have become. We can’t eat a meal or wake up with a cough without feeling the need to tell the world about it. Employees are only concerned with what they can ‘get’ out of their job; whilst sporting coaches contend with individuals who only ‘want’ more money, recognition and bigger contracts. What they can ‘give’ to their team has taken a distant back seat.

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Didn’t make the team? 6 tips to help kids cope.

“My kid should’ve got in… the selectors had no idea what they were doing.”

Both are common phrases we hear this time of the year as countless numbers of kids get the bad news that they missed out on a spot in their preferred sports team for 2017.

It can be a devastating time for young boys and girls. They have put themselves out there to be judged and in the eyes of some adults, they have been deemed less worthy than other kids. If the situation is not handled correctly it can ruin a kid’s love of sport, potentially for life.

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Why girls need to compete?

The modern trend in sports is to focus on ‘participation’ rather than ‘competition’. Whilst this is well intentioned, it may be doing harm to our kids, especially our young girls.

Participating in sport can teach you plenty of life lessons like discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, health and resilience. However without the ‘competitive’ element, girls in particular may miss out on something they really need – the ability to feel good about being a highly competitive and appropriately aggressive individual.

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How to Succeed at Sporting Trials - Part 2

I hope you found last weeks tips on how to succeed at sporting trials useful. I’ve had some great feedback and would love to hear some of your success stories.

So here goes, the remainder of the top tips for successful sporting trials:

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How to succeed at sporting trials...

Whilst the winter sports season is coming to a close, for many the competition does not rest for long. Before you know it the ‘2016 sporting trials’ process will begin and the pressure will build again. Let me share some coaching tips with you – that might just help you shine.

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