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  • I declare that all the information I have submitted with this application is true and complete including:
    • All the records of the academic results I have achieved at each and every university or tertiary institution I have attended.

  • I hereby authorise FC11 in its absolute discretion to make any enquiries, including obtaining official records from any education institution or tertiary admissions centre concerning my current or previous academic results, if it believes are necessary.

  • If I have misrepresented my past and/or present circumstances I acknowledge that FC11 may terminate my studies at any stage during the course undertaken.

  • I understand that FC11 reserves the right to inform other education institutions if any of the material presented to support my application is found to be false or misleading.

  • I  agree to be bound by and comply with FC11’s policy (as amended from time to time) on admission, fees payments and fees refunds relating to the payment of student fees

  • I understand that the personal information that I have provided in my application (or subsequently) may be released as required to be disclosed by law and other regulatory bodies.

  • I understand that at the time of enrolment I may be required to supply originals of any documents used to support this application.


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